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Leisure Plus Plan

Discover the proven value that VacationGuard® plans add to your vacation experience by exploring these Frequently Asked Questions.* Use the enrollment link to protect your vacation experience in just seconds.

We try to make life a little easier, offering you travel protection that is simple, affordable, and works, including a money back guarantee within a 21-day review period. VacationGuard® products and services are provided by Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection, one of the most trusted names in insurance. Thank you for allowing us to safeguard your vacations; VacationGuard®—Vacation Peace of Mind®.

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1. There’s a lot of information here. Is there an easy way to enroll, or save time?

We designed this FAQ to give you plenty of information, and allow you to enroll while you are review more details. We provide a generous 21 day “free look“, to add comfort in your decision to trust VacationGuard®. This FAQ attempts to highlight the efforts we use in trying to meet your expectations, while demonstrating our decades-long passion for this business in the process.

2. How is the VacationGuard® Leisure Plus Policy different?

VacationGuard® created customized travel insurance benefits based on decades of working in the vacation and resort industry. We do not rate by age, or by person, yet provide you a comprehensive suite of benefits in an easy enrollment process. Our Leisure Plus plan is designed for Cruising and Resort vacations.

3. Who backs and services VacationGuard® plans?

In October 2015, we moved to a vertically integrated model, where everything is handled seamlessly inside a carrier based model and world class service. VacationGuard® products and services are provided by Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection, or BHTP, who has over a century of expertise amongst its executive team and is a premier baseline of travel protection. The carrier issuing the policy is Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance, proving unmatched financial strength and safety, rated A++ by A.M. Best.

4. You don’t rate by my age, or by each person traveling?

VacationGuard® premiums are designed from over a decade of experience with these plans, while reflecting exposures for the Leisure Plus you may purchase it through. By working closely with our partners to monitor the affinity member needs, we simplified your enrollment experience.

5. What are some of the key benefits of Leisure Plus plan?

Simplified pricing to provide:

  • Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption
  • Trip Delay
  • Emergency Accident Sickness Medical Expense
  • Emergency Evacuation Expense for Medical reasons
  • Car Rental Collision Coverage
  • Lost Baggage and Baggage Delay, and more.
  • Including our 24/7/365 customer support and MyAssist team

6. Is there a short overview where I can view the benefits?

7. Where can I read the entire plan, to view the benefits, terms, conditions, and exclusions?

8. Do I need a Leisure Plus plan for each trip I take?

Leisure Plus is offered on a per-trip or per-reservation basis, where your covered travel dates will be reflected in the enrollment.

9. What is the price?

Our Leisure Plus plan is just 9% of your total trip cost you want protected, and automatically extends to traveling companions.

10. There’s a 21 day “Free Look“ Period. What is this?

For your added comfort, we extend you a generous 21 days to review our plan after purchase. We will refund you at 100% without delay or issues, for any reason, provided you have not traveled nor incurred a claim during the “Free-look“ period. It’s part of our culture for providing Vacation Peace of Mind.

11. The enrollment only allows me to list only one traveler. Does it cover my spouse or child too?

Yes. VacationGuard® covers the plan holder, and subject to maximum occupancy of the unit will automatically extend up to 7 traveling companions without requiring to be named on the enrollment.

12. How do I know if my travel companions are covered, as the plan is issued in my name only?

While we automatically include up to 7 traveling companions, see the Traveling Companion definition in the policy, as well as the policy conditions, which states that benefits are extended to the insured and Traveling Companions of the insured.

13. Is there an advantage to purchasing my Leisure Plus plan at time of initial booking?

Yes. One of the unique plan benefits for VacationGuard® Leisure Plus plan is that the plan can waive the pre-existing medical conditions exclusion, provided you purchase the plan within 3 days of your final trip deposit, and you are medically fit to travel. Given that medical issues are unpredictable; this can provide you additional comfort at time of claim. This is why the best way to purchase when you are booking your initial reservation.

14. How long is the look back period on the preexisting medical conditions exclusion?

The look back on the policy is just 60 days, unless this exclusion is waived by a specified condition as outlined within your purchase process.

15. Who do I call if I wish to cancel in the “free look” period?

You should call whoever processed the actual enrollment for you. If via an agent, contact that distributor. If done via an on-line enrollment where VacationGuard/BHTP ran your credit card, we can process the cancellation.

16. Can my Vacation Associate enroll me in VacationGuard?

Yes. It’s actually most efficient that way, and will only take about a minute.

17. Is the plan cost per person? Do you need the names and ages of my traveling companions?

VacationGuard® is not rated by person or by age. The plan cost is for your reservation as coordinated by the company, or what we call the Property Management Company offering you our plan. VacationGuard® automatically covers the planholder and up to 7 additional traveling companions, defined as someone traveling with you and staying at the same destination as you, and under your reservation.

18. If I am traveling internationally, will the policy follow me?

VacationGuard® benefits will follow you globally for your reservations. While it comes up rarely, the insurance carrier is limited by State Department regulations on where carriers may offer protection, and this would be reviewed during your enrollment review by the carrier.

19. I read the plan is only for US residents.

While your travel can be global, the plan is limited to purchase by U.S. residents only.

20. Explain the 2-day extension VacationGuard® automatically provides?

Whether you are driving or flying, VacationGuard® plans provide benefits that can automatically start 2 days prior and after your actual covered trip dates. This allows you to have benefits 2 days before your resort check in date, and follow you up to 2 days after your covered Trip check-out date, or when you get home, whichever is sooner.

21. Suppose I have travel dates outside the 2-day extension VacationGuard® provides?

If your trip involves travel outside the 2-day extension we provide, and you wish to have travel insurance coverage for those days, you should adjust your policy dates and include those trip costs in your plan cost calculations.

22. Can my ski lift or excursion tickets be covered under Leisure Plus?

Yes. Provided their use is during your covered trip, and you insured their value as part of your total trip cost. See the Forfeited definition in the policy.

23. Can my airfare be covered under Leisure Plus?

Yes. Provided it’s used as part of your covered trip, and you insured their value as part of your total trip cost. See the Forfeited definition in the policy. Airfare is for change fees, unless you forfeit the ticket in entirety. Further, we extend benefits for Frequent Flier redeposit fees if you used your frequent flier miles to travel for your covered trip.

24. What are some other things to examine in travel insurance?

We try to take the complexity out of insurance. Glance at our 2 page overview, conceived by us to give you a fast and easy snapshot of key benefits. However, also review deductibles, meaning the hourly delays for Trip Delay and Baggage. Ours are just 5 hours for trip delay and 12 hours for baggage delay, so you can move forward on your vacation instead of squandering in an airport at length. Our culture and policies are built from reasonable expectations when one travels. VacationGuard® - Vacation Peace of Mind®.

25. Are their other unique things to the VacationGuard® plans?

VacationGuard® invented the Security Damage Wavier, or accidental damage to your room, as a core benefit of within all of our travel insurance plans, saving you from surprises or being forced to buy an add-on option at the resort. And as people who vacation, our plans incorporate Sporting Equipment Delay as a separate and additional delay benefit, so you can play if your equipment doesn't arrive punctually. Details like these and more were included to add value to VacationGuard® plans.

26. I am driving, so I don't need travel insurance, right?

Wrong. Trip Cancellation benefits can not only be triggered by an event in your own life, but by an event from others, impacting your plans. And, whether you are driving 100 miles or flying 1,000, Emergency Medical Expense can help you if something unexpected happens while there. Ask yourself. What might bother you more? Glad you had travel insurance but didn't use it, or, wishing you'd bought it as you needed it? VacationGuard® plans are built for the needs of travel.

27. Explain the 10-day purchase cut-off in the policy?

VacationGuard® plans are rated for travel arrangements planned in advance. All our plans have a 10-day window to reflect this in our rates and process. For an existing reservation: You must purchase VacationGuard® at least 10 days prior to your travel dates. However, if you are making an initial last minute reservation, with an arrival date sooner than 10 days, you can purchase the VacationGuard® plan.

28. If I buy now, am I covered immediately?

Once your transaction payment has been approved, our plan benefits take effect at 12:01am CST on the day after your approved transaction.

29. Do the policy benefits apply to each person, or are they shared?

The VacationGuard® plan shares the benefits and benefit limits amongst all members of the party. While a traveling companion can make a claim, the settlement is paid to the named insured—the person, whose name is on the policy.

30. How are claims settled??

The plan operates on a reimbursement basis. Once your loss can be validated as caused by a covered event, you will be reimbursed for your loss.

31. Can I report my claim on line?

Yes, as it will expedite your handling. Please go to, where you can fill in your claim on-line. All claims are handled by Berkshire Hathaway Travel protection, who provides the products and services for the VacationGuard® program.

32. How can I get you forms and receipts for my claim?

In an effort to ease the claims process, you may upload or email receipts to our system in a jpeg or PDF. And while it will take longer via hard copy in the mail, you may send your claim form verification as well:

VacationGuard® Claims
c/o Berkshire Hathaway
1145 Clark Street
Stevens Point, WI 54481

33. Can I review my claims status on line?

Yes. To save you time and ease this process, you may view the status of your claim on line, 24/7, at, at the sign-in area. You will need: Your policy #, your claim #, and the email used for tracking your account.

34. How fast do you typically pay claims?

We pay punctually upon an adequate and approved claim submission. If you register to have your claim paid to your Debit card, that claim can be funded to your card in real time, even while you are on vacation.

35. So you can pay claims virtually, without a physical check being sent?

If you register your card with us in advance we can pay approved claims virtually in real time, to get benefits while on your trip if applicable. We can pay to Paypal, your debit card, or MasterCard®. Payment to a MasterCard® under our special program will process in 24 hours.

36. Is Car Rental Damage primary, or secondary?

Car Rental Damage is a primary benefit, meaning we can pay the rental car company directly for a covered loss with proper claims information and submission. You just provide them your policy number and our information for the claim.

37. Is there a deductible for Car Rental Damage?

There is no deductible for Car Rental Damage under VacationGuard® benefits, saving you from having to worry about your personal auto insurance deductible.

38. If we rent more than one car, will VacationGuard® cover Car Rental Collision Damage on both cars?

No. Our policy extends benefits to one rental car only, for the plan holder renting it. The policy can extend this benefit to the planholder, and/or a traveling companion, for up to one car, but both people would have to be listed on that car rental agreement.

39. How do you turn in a Collision Damage claim, or not have to buy their damage waiver?

Just provide the rental car company your VacationGuard® policy number, from your confirmation of coverage you carry on your trip. They can then submit a claim referencing your specific policy number. Note that rental car providers in some countries may require you to still add their own protections, which is beyond our control.

40. If I am driving to my trip, are there benefits to help?

Yes. Uniquely, we have benefits for the drive-to vacation too. If you get in an accident or the roads are closed preventing your passage, our protection plan can reimburse you for Trip Delay benefits like food and lodging benefits until you are able to continue.

41. If I am driving to my trip destination, and my family member is flying, do we both have Trip Delay protection?

Yes. We only require your Traveling Companions be joining you at your destination under your reservation, but do not require you to physically be traveling together to get to the destination.

42. My credit card company seems to offer travel insurance or rental car benefits.

Always ask to see the insurance policy being extended. Many companies offer “services“ but not actual “benefits“ that pay. Some companies offer tiered pricing for benefits, and rate by age and by person. VacationGuard® was built to provide dependable coverage from over a decade of proven results.

43. Will you cover me if “I do not want to go?“

To keep this plan more affordable, VacationGuard® plans do not have a “cancel for any reason“ Trip Cancellation benefit, nor would it be represented that way.

44. What are the service hours for VacationGuard?

VacationGuard® support is open 24/7, at 866.314.9480. Our contact information is in the footer of this page.

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